Blind Willow


1. Nutmeg and Cinnamon

you build up towers just to say you can, yet you leave a wet edge way up high
and no bricks to seal it up, the wind will make them drop
to the streets that your grandfather swept

you cast parades in your honor
yet you toll the church bells for all your grief
when there's no one to attend because you've burned out all your friends
who will be the ones to watch your keep?

you save up dollars that you'll never spend,
just to prove your worth while we're starving to death.
cut em up and throw em out with all those holy books you doubt
the ones that mother read while she wept

her tears would form rivers with rapids so fast
her doubts undoubtedly sweep you away
how far can you go before you fall off all the world
and the linings of your pocket turn away

where.. where have the good ones gone?
tell me this was all for naught
I will not believe
that such a thing could be.


2. Incandenza's Wraith

have you ever seen a blade of grass painted green or a sky made of glass?
I hate that you say “maybe someday”.
have you ever bled the color crimson out on the streets when you were a boy?
if not how come, how come you pretend you were a god? or a wraith?
digging up the streets of new york, LA,
or some far off coastline where bones were buried
etched with your name
and your fame just wasn’t enough.
and your veil couldn’t conceal all you’re worth.
in blood or gold, in marrow or silver
five pennies for your soul.

I don’t know why we need separate places
I don’t know why we’re stuck in stasis
I don’t know why there’s blood on the pavement
drawn from your veins

a family of broken vials shattered underfoot in denial
because you know you just can’t get better from this disease
your itchy teeth and shirt sleeves shrinking tighter and tighter each day
no matter how long you abstain for
you’ll always be the same

I don’t know why we need separate places
I don’t know why we’re stuck in stasis
I don’t know why there’s blood on the pavement
drawn from your veins

I know you must be afraid but please don’t run away
I know you’re feeling unhealthy now, but don’t rush to those cemetery gates.
and the needle’s looking real good
those long talks are more stale each day.
I know you’re feeling alone now,
wipe the dirt from your future grave.

3. Keystrokes

I've lived down in the Texan sun
but no warmth was there for me
a house ain't a home if there's no roof above you
you see, I've sweltered down there in August heat
I've been drenched by Nashville's rain
but none of those places make me feel like you
but none of those places make me feel

I've walked alone along the cherry trees
I've drank my fill from all gods land
no teachings could show me just how to love
cause I've got all the world in my hands
I've got all the world in my hands
I've got all the world in my hands

4. The World

all that I have known from this place in which we live in
is that people have been here before, and will be when we're done
and in one hundred years all our names will be unknown, unwritten
like a mark of dust in a history book in a library long gone
When the digital age consumes all that our hands can build
why go analog when it could be much easier and sound half as real?
replace those old dusty guitar strings with ones that last twice as long
and live your life twice as long, and buy those products twice as often
cause before long you'll be dead, why not prolong the impossible?
we can make you feel unstoppable, so why not feel unstoppable?

all these men I know, prescribing all the pills
that make you hate the person that you were, when you were ill
from the coast of spain where the waters crystal clear
to the smell of new york,
where all the empty chairs line the rooms where we met each thursday night,
in an effort to take all of our wrongs and make them right
i'd spill my guts for a second chance,
my wine for an empty glass
my love for an empty heart, a brand new way to start
i'd cross my t's before I dot my I's,
cause who the hell needs foresight
in the world we're living in these days?

5. Unto Ourselves

you credit your merit on faith, a holy disgrace, oh my lord
you're living on sticks yet the shape it still fits the hole you made for it
I'm not here to explain to you the way that we're made
I'm just trying to tell you there's gotta be a way
to live together- our lives at the stake

connect at the seam like some outboard dream
in a circuit of people and wires and steam

you're so callous and cold, morose and controlling
let the man speak his vow 'fore he turns red and bows out
he carefully flies through the starless night sky
red rubies in his eyes, red rubies are his eyes
if you let the water flow you'll run down to the river of roses
toes barely touching the surface.
you'll sink like stones from a castle windblown some time ago.

I've got a fear that we'll all disappear
by our own hands and feelings we can never quite clear
when the trees are all gone, and the rivers have run
when the ghosts have moved on, and the rats tread along
the roads that we paved, and the land that we shunned
and the oceans polluted with barrels and drums
the icecaps are melted like tears from some sun
or a star, or a moon, or a planet undone
ripped apart by some bastards who thought it'd still function
without love, or a care. not one decent notion.
I'm one of those people, and so are you
I'm one of those devils, and so are you
and you, and you, and you, and you